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   You’re probably starting to think about flights and other reservations in Ireland and I’m sure many of you plan to spend some extra time in Ireland visiting the areas where your ancestors lived.  That’s a great idea.  

   I want to mention something that’s worked well for me when I’ve been traveling around Ireland.  The Aer Lingus Vacation Store has started to advertise special fares and packages for the fall.  They provide escorted tours if you want to just see the sights, but they also provide for independent travel and will put together a custom package if you want to do your own thing.   I’ve found that if you have them put together a package, including airfare, hotels or B&B’s and a car, they will blend the costs and the total package is less than if you booked them separately.   Just something for you to look into.  

   Aer Lingus flies out of a number of gateway cities including New York, Chicago, Orlando, San Francisco, Boston and they’ve just added Hartford.   In New York, Aer Lingus flies out of the JetBlue terminal making it an easy connection if you are flying in on JetBlue (which is what I do from Florida).  Remember that your flight will be a night flight.  I usually try to book as late a flight as possible, since the later I get in, the better chance I have of getting a room.  Your hotel room will typically not be available until about 2 pm.  

   Aer Lingus does not fly to Belfast, however I usually fly into Dublin and take the bus from the Dublin Airport to Belfast.  The bus is just outside of the arrival doors, and it’s an easy, non-stop trip with Wi-Fi onboard.  Once you get to the bus station in Belfast you can take a cab to the hotel.  If you plan to spend a few days in Dublin and are downtown, you can also take the train. 

   I hope this information is helpful.  I’ll be posting additional information on the site, including information on ground transportation when you arrive, so check back.  Let me know if you have any questions.

   Don’t forget to take advantage of the insurance.  You can either get it through the airline, or through a consolidator such as TravelGuard or Allianz.  Just as a reminder, after 30 June, I can’t offer any refund. 


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