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1940 Census is Searchable

     Congratulations to FamilySearch and the 1940 Census Consortium that completed the indexing of the 1940 census in just 124 days.  You can search here (for free), however, there are a few states that still are being arbitrated and will be posted shortly (including Connecticut where my family lived).  You can also search on the websites of some of the other consortium members such as and…it does not appear that the National Archives or ProQuest have updated their sites yet.  It's pretty amazing to consider how fast this was accomplished by volunteers.  Check out interesting facts by clicking on your state to find out prominent residents and population comparisons between 1940 and 2010.  If you enjoyed indexing there are plenty of other projects to be done including the Immigration and Naturalization Community Project.  

    Although not part of the consortium, Ancestry has also completed indexing of the 1940 census and it can be searched on their website (including Connecticut).  Ancesty also has interesting facts by state listed as "What was happening in the U.S. in 1940?"  According to their site, the average home price in Connecticut in 1940 was $4,615, second only to Washington, D.C.  I was able to access the 1940 census using my Guest (non-subscription) account.  

   I'd like to say that I'm caught up from my trip…not!  I'm working on client reports and have some consultations for the October Dublin trip to complete as well. (There are still a few spaces left.)  I'm working hard to complete what I have to do, so I can dive into the census records!  

    For those of you planning a trip to Ireland in August, the National Library in conjunction with Eneclann, is running a Sumertime Lunch Series with some of the top genealogists in Ireland.  I wish my trip had been in August to take advantage of the series!  The turnout was so large for the first session that they had to move it to a larger room.  

    Happy Hunting!

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