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8 am - 5pm at the Family History Library

    Yes, other than a half hour at noon when I went out for a walk, I spent the entire day on floor B2 (British Isles) of the Family History Library.  I came away with six pages of transcriptions of baptisms, burials and marriages in the Parish Church of Ticknall (Church of England) between 1813 and 1878.  So what did I learn?  Remember my question was, “What was Mary’s maiden name? (Mary was the wife of John and the mother of Francis, my 2nd great grandfather.)  Well, I started with the baptism of Francis Beighton in 1833. 

 I worked back trying to find the marriage of John and Mary to identify her maiden name.  These records were relatively easy to read, on forms so the order was clear.  They were divided so baptisms, marriages and burials were together for each year. There was no additional information on the film beyond what was indexed in the Derbyshire Church of England Parish Registers database on FamilySearch…no names of parents on marriages or much identifying information on burials.  Unfortunately, there was no marriage for John and Mary Beighton.  I did work back to 1813, then went back to 1833 and came forward to 1878.  I discovered that after 1837 there were no marriage records.  Also, after 1844 there were very few Beightons. 

   Time to analyze what I’ve done and come up with another plan.  Although I didn’t find John, I did find two marriages for his brother Samuel, along with the death of his first wife and young child.  Just to add to the confusion, Samuel first married Sarah Hill in 1829, had a son John, then a daughter Sarah who was baptized on 2 Dec 1831 with a notation that her mother was deceased.  Her mother was  buried the same day 2 Dec 1831 and Sarah (the child) was buried on 25 Dec 1831.  How sad.  But Samuel remarried in 1834, another Sarah (Massie).  Had I not gone through these records, I might not have realized that there were two different mothers, both named Sarah.  In the 1841 census, Sarah is in Ticknall, living next to her sister-in-law Mary (wife of my John) and where are their husbands?  In jail in Nottinghamshire!  That’s another story to try and figure out.   Although I found no record, both John, the child of the first Sarah and Herbert, the first child of the second Sarah are missing from the 1841 census, and presumed dead.

   One other thing I discovered today.  I was making sure my timeline on John was complete, and looked at the 1861 census which said that Mary was born in Barrow, Leicestershire.  Now John and Samuel were Pot Hawkers (traveling salesman) so the opportunity was there for a meeting.  The Family History Library has a CD on Church Records of Leicestershire which can only be used at the Library.  I thought this would be the answer to my question…it makes sense that they would be married in her parish…no such luck. No marriage there either (and I did read through all of the marriages from 1830 - 1833 looking for other possible spellings).  Back to the drawing board.

   I need to figure out what other parishes might have records and whether they are included in the Derbyshire database.  Here’s where I discovered I needed to step back and do some other research.   I’m always talking about jurisdictions in Ireland and how important they are.  Well they are quite different in England and I need to learn about them.  Ticknall is in the County of Derbyshire…but then:

Civil Registration District: Ashby de la Zouch
Probate Court:
Court of the Bishop of Lichfield (Episcopal Consistory)
Rural Deanery:
Stanton by Bridge
Poor Law Union:
Ashby de la Zouch
Repton and Gresley

   The Civil Registration District and the Poor Law Union seem to be the same as they are in Ireland, but I don’t know the function of a Rural Deanery or a Hundred.  The census records also add a Sub-Registration District.  Time to do some additional reading.

   Tomorrow I’m going to start with a good “how to” on English research.

   Happy Hunting!

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