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A New Website

Congratulations on finding your way to the new website.  I've been struggling for a while with some of the capabilities of iWeb, especially as it relates to visibility on the Web, known as Search Engine Optimization.  iWeb, designed by Apple for personal websites, didn't do a very good job of this, and although I purchased a few third party applications, they never really worked.  Most of you found my website through word of mouth, or by a link from another website.  The ease of use of iWeb kept me there with the hope that Apple would eventually release a new version that would improve the capabilities of the software.  Over the past year it has become clear that Apple was going to abandon the software, forcing me to look elsewhere.

I've spent the past few weeks working with a new web design package called Sandvox.  It was fairly easy to learn the basics, however some of the features I had become used to in iWeb are no longer available to me.  The reason, as it has been explained, is that some of those easy to use features are the same features that made the code "messy" and limited the overall capability of the software.  I'm going to have to learn a bit more about html and code injection (I'd be grateful if anyone can point me to a good resource <g>) so please be patient.  

The downside to this is that anyone who has bookmarked a page, other than the Home page ( will now have a broken link.  There was no upgrade path to the new software, so I have had to recreate each page.  That didn't present too much of a problem for the main pages of the site, but I have four years of blogs that all have to be redone.  My Blog currently has all of the entries back to the beginning of this year, but it will take a while to recreate the three previous years.   If there is a particular blog you would like to see, email me and I'll work on getting it done.  This also means that there may be some broken links in my blogs which referred back to older blogs.  The Links page is another one that has not been completely updated and I'll continue to work on that.  Again, please be patient. 

I'm also open for any feedback on the design or suggestions for additions to the site.  Let me know what you think.

Next week I'll be back to Strategies for Your Irish Research.

Happy Hunting!

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