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All I Want for Christmas...

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   …is to fill in the blanks on my family tree!  To discover how Mathew Mackey arrived in Leitrim and where he came from; and to attach my Robert McDowell in Fayette County, Pennsylvania to the correct family.  I’m sure there are a lot of other blanks, but as I’ve said before, I don’t work a lot on my own family.  Maybe next year.  I’m sure you’ve got many of the same kind of wants.   A few weeks ago, I wrote about creating family history gifts for you family.  Today, let’s talk about what you’d like to find under the Christmas Tree.

   Books, books and more books.  Do you have a copy of Elizabeth Shown Mills Evidence: Citation and Analysis for the Family Historian?  This book is a must for all genealogist and family historians.  It covers the basics of source citations and provides examples for the most commonly used sources.   You may know that she has another book, Evidence Explained but unless you’re writing for publication it may be a bit of an overkill.  You can always check it at your local library.  There are also a number of four page, laminated Quick Sheets for Ancestry and Online Historical Resources which are helpful.  

   Tom Jones published Mastering Genealogical Proof  this year which is another sought after book for genealogists.  Another new books this year is Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques by my friends George Morgan and Drew Smith.  

   For Irish research Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, Fourth Edition  by John Grenham is a must.  I was hoping to see the Kindle version available, but in the US it’s still only available as a paperback.   This, and all of the books mentioned above can be accessed by clicking on the Store tab and viewing books under “Methodology & Sources” or “Irish Research" (this automatically takes you to the Amazon site).

   Another set of Irish reference books can be obtained through Flyleaf Press.  Flyleaf is the publisher of an excellent series Finding Your _____ Ancestors (fill in the blank with your county name).  New editions and updates have been published this year.  If your county has been published it’s an excellent resource.  Just click here or on the Flyleaf icon in the sidebar.

   Perhaps you’re a gadget person.  Check out the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner which allows you to scan pictures anywhere (it runs on batteries).  When you’re visiting the cousins over the holidays you can scan their pictures right away.  If the picture or other item is too large for the scanner bed, you simply flip the scanner over and scan in segments.  The software which comes with the scanner “knits” the picture together.  Now through December 5th, you can take advantage of their Cyber-Monday sale and save up to $45 depending on the bundle you order.  Just click here or on the Flip-Pal icon in the sidebar.

   Subscriptions to databases are always high on my list of wants and both Ancestry and FindMyPast have trial subscription programs so you can see if their databases fit your needs.  

   So I hope Santa brings you whatever it is you need (especially those missing ancestors).  Have a wonderful holiday and Happy Hunting!

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