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All I want for Christmas!

   It is that time of the year.  I’m back from Ireland, Thanksgiving is around the corner and I need to think about the holidays.   One of the things I do every year is create a calendar for my immediate family.  Of course, I have no idea yet what the theme will be this year.  Typically I get the calendar done at the last possible moment to get it shipped to arrive in Connecticut, where we spend the holidays,  by Christmas Eve.  In the past I’ve done old family photos, ancestors, family recipes, current family pictures and my granddaughter. My family, doesn’t really have any interest in genealogy or family history, but I get to sneak some in through the calendar.  I began by using Ancestry to create the calendars…it took information directly out of my family tree including birthdays.  Ancestry divested itself of MyCanvas a few years ago, but the information from all of my previous work is still there.  Just click on “Extras” and select “Photo Books and Posters.”  Of course there are lots of places you can go to create a calendar.  

   There have been other things as well.  I created a book for my sisters, “The Mitchell Women and their Ancestors.”  The book was a cross between a genealogy and a photo album.   Last year I created a poster for my son-in-law showing how he descended from John Alden (yes, with all my 20th century immigrants, my youngest daughter married a Mayflower descendent)!   It’s not too late to consider some of these for your family.  

   But what about your own list.  There are books, conferences and of course, DNA kits that could be on your lists.  Don’t forget to share this list with your family.  Here are some recommendations for books on Irish research that you can add to your library.  Take a look also at my Store to see other choices. 

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