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All I Want for Christmas...

   Hard to believe it's already Thanksgiving.  Stores around here have been decorated for the holidays since before Halloween, but I've steadily ignored them.  It's time, however, and I sent a note off to my girls this week asking for ideas for Christmas.  


   Each year I do a family calendar, and of course, I haven't started it yet.  I always manage to get it done...just in time...and pay Ancestry to ship it fast, directly to my sister-in-laws in Connecticut where we spend the holidays.  Most years I've done collages of pictures highlighting birthdays and anniversaries with a picture on the date.  Sometimes I use current pictures and other times baby pictures.  A couple of years ago I did a recipe calendar which was a big hit.

   Even if you start now, it's not likely you'll get the family genealogy completed and published by Christmas, but you could do something on a smaller scale.  A few years ago I created a book at Ancestry for my sisters (neither of whom are into genealogy).  I included a pedigree chart and a modified family group sheet for each family along with pictures.   Another option is to create a family tree poster suitable for framing.  Ancestry has also added collage posters.  Ancestry currently is offering a 20% discount on Family History Books. 

   But what do you want for Christmas?   Is new software on your list?  Ancestry has a current promotion, 25% off on Family Tree Maker for either the PC or the Mac. If you are using Ancestry Family Trees online this is the software that will sync changes in your tree and your software.  

To take advantage of the Ancestry Special Offers, click here.

   How about a Flip-Pal scanner.  This small, battery operated scanner not only scans your photos, but remove the lid and flip it over and it can scan large documents in segments and stitch them together.  It's small enough that it's easy to carry to repositories or to Aunt Sally's to copy the pictures she won't let out of her sight!  One of our 2012 Irish Research Trip participants used it to scan a very large original deed she found  at the National Archives of Ireland.

   I always have a list of books on my Christmas list.  How about you?  Check out my Store section for ideas on how-to, reference books or even historical novels.  If you find something you would like, send your Santa to my site to click on the book.  It will take you directly to the Amazon, Flyleaf, Ancestry or Flip-Pal site to order your items.  

   Happy Hunting!

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