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Irish Genealogy: Sources for Irish Origins

P Spratt-Mass Card

Funeral Card for Patrick Spratt of
Buttevant, Co. Cork, Ireland 

Hopefully the blogs of the past few weeks have helped you to understand why the townland of origin is so important for Irish research.  …

Irish Genealogy: Irish Administrative Divisions: Poor Law Unions

Irish Civil Registration Districts 
(formerly Poor Law Unions)

The final administrative division to discuss is the Poor Law Union.In 1838, under the Poor Law Relief Act, these divisions were set up for the maintenance of the local poor.Initially there were 130 Unions set up with a workhouse in a market town.The system was meant to handle up to 1% of the population, however it became overtaxed by the potato famine.By 1850 there were 163 Unions, the borders of which often overlapped other civil boundaries, including counties. …

Irish Genealogy: Irish Administrative Divisions: Counties & Baronies

Counties of Ireland

It is likely if you’ve uncovered any information about your ancestor’s origins in Ireland it is the county.  Here’s the bad records were kept at the county level.  …

Irish Genealogy: Irish Administrative Divisions: Parishes

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(Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1986), 115.

Once you have identified the townland where your ancestor lived in Ireland, and have referred to the

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