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   My blog is a bit late this week…uploading from a cruise ship just doesn’t seem to work.  Hopefully later today I’ll be able to upload this from an Internet Café in San Juan.  

   John Grenham, a well known Irish genealogist and 

AskAboutIreland - Griffith’s Valuation

   Have you found your family in Griffith’s Valuation? Published between 1847 and 1864 the Primary Valuation of Ireland (better known as Griffith’s Valuation) was done to standardize the basis for taxation across all of Ireland and lists every householder in Ireland.   …

National Archives of Ireland - Census

Mackey, Rachel 1901 Census

   Census records are one of the first records we use as genealogists.  It’s important to find our ancestors in every census in which they were living.  Our records in the US go back to 1790 with the exception of 1890 which was destroyed in a fire.  …

Irish Resources at

Search Home Localities, the website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, provides genealogists with a wealth of information…all for free.  Most know the site for its databases, and when you click on Search at the top of the home page, you are presented with a form, asking you to type in the information about the individual you’re searching.  …

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