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Important Irish Genealogy Websites Part III


   In Part I, I discussed the US sources to help identify the place in Ireland.  Part II discussed the primary resources in Ireland.  After you get through the basics, what’s next?  Are there additional resources?  …

Important Irish Genealogy Websites Part II


   It’s a great time to be doing Irish research!  When I look back at the lecture from 2013, I realize how far we’ve come.

Civil Registration

   In 2009 FamilySearch created indexes to birth, death and marriage records from 1864 (1845 for Protestant marriages) to 1957.  …

Important Irish Genealogy Websites Part I



    I did a lecture back in 2013 for FamilyTree Webinars on the Best Irish Genealogy websites.  I wondered how much had changed so I decided to take another look.

   I broke down the lecture into US sources important for finding the place in Ireland, and then Irish sources, once you jumped the pond.  …

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