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Belfast Research Trip

   This past week I added a flyer on the Belfast Research to the 2016 Research Trip page.  I’ve had a number of people indicate interest and so if I get 10 participants by 30 April, I will move forward with the trip.  …

NGS Conference


   The National Genealogical Society Conference is coming up from May 4-7 in Ft. Lauderdale.  This is the first time since 2004 that a national conference has been in Florida, so hopefully all my Florida friends will be able to attend.  …

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

   Yes, it’s that week.  Warm wishes to all of my Irish friends.  As usual, it’s a busy week for me with two lectures and three nights of rehearsals for Cirque des Voix, here in Sarasota.  …

Researching Outside of Dublin


  If you have ancestors who lived in Ulster (or the bordering counties), then you’ll want to visit Belfast.  Here are some of their repositories.

  In 2011, the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland

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