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1911 Irish Census

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patrick martin house

The Patrick Martin House in Doagh, Magheracloone, County Monaghan

   There are few differences between the 1901 and 1911 census.   The 1911 adds columns for the number of years married and like our 1900 and 1910 censuses in the US, for females, the number of children born and the number still living.   …

Irish Census - The Good and the Bad

   So far this year, I’ve discussed the basics of good research, Irish jurisdictions, finding your ancestor’s locality in Ireland, civil registration and church records.  So what’s next?  For most US researchers the question of census records comes up.  …

Presbyterian Church Records in Ireland

Transcript of the records of the 1st Boardmills Presbyterian Church, County Down, dating to 1782. 
FHL 941.65/K7 K29

   Based upon the 1861 census of Ireland, about 9% of the population of Ireland was Presbyterian, mainly centered in the northern counties (where 26% were Presbyterian).   During the Protestant Reformation, John Knox brought the religion to Scotland, and the Plantation of Ireland (1606-1610) brought many of the lowland Scots Presbyterians to Ulster.  …

Indexes to Roman Catholic Records in Ireland

   When I began researching, the only source for Irish Catholic records was the National Library of Ireland.  In the 1990s and early 2000s much of my time in Ireland was spent at the National Library in front of a microfilm reader.  …

Roman Catholic Church Records

   In 1695 laws were enacted in Ireland for the Suppression of Popery - known as Penal Laws.  Clergy were banished; Catholics could not vote, hold office, or own property.  Between 1772 and 1795 Catholic Relief Acts began to gradually restore rights taken away by Penal Laws.  …

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