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The Tithe Applotment

   I’ve discussed Griffith’s and the records that follow it, the Revision Books, and the Landed Estate Court Rentals, but what about before?  The Tithe was a tax paid by occupiers of agricultural land to support the Church of Ireland.  …

Landed Estate Court Rentals

LEC Cover

   By the end of the famine, many of the estates in Ireland were bankrupt, however, these estates could not be easily sold because they were entailed.  In 1849, the Encumbered Estates Court was set up to assist with the sale of bankrupted estates.  …

The Revision Books at PRONI

   Last week I explained what happened after Griffith’s with the Revision Books.  The original Revision Books for the six counties of Northern Ireland were sent to the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) and they have been 

What’s After Griffith’s?

   Glad you asked!  Since Griffith’s was a tax list, it had to be kept up to date so the government would always be able to identity the taxpayer.  After Griffith’s the valuators would return with notebooks every few years to document the current occupancy.  …

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