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It’s my 11th Blogiversary!

   Yes, it’s true…my first blog post was on 30 July 2007.  Since that time, I’ve written a blog most Mondays with only occasional misses.  When I’ve been in Ireland, I’ve blogged each day, so for most years that means over 60 blogs, times 11…WOW, that 660 blogs!

Creating a To Do List for Your Research

   As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I finally upgraded my MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro this weekend.  My MacBook Air, was purchased in 2011, has made lots of trips with me, and is still working, but I was running out of hard disk space (I don’t store as much as I should in the Cloud). …

And the winner is…

   I want to thank everyone who participated in my website survey.  It is now closed, but I’m always interested in feedback so please feel free to email me with any thoughts you have.  The winner of the set of

Survey Comments

   I want to thank all of you that have responded to the survey I posted last week. Your thoughtful comments about what you would like to see in the future are very helpful.   If you haven’t yet responded, the

Website Redesign

   I’m afraid it’s time for me to “bite the bullet” and begin the process of a website redesign.  Since 2011 I’ve been using a standalone Mac software program called Sandvox.  The software is easy to use (I upgraded from iWeb) but I’m afraid the developer is not keeping up with some needed new features.

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