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Irish Genealogy: The Scots-Irish

   If you had early immigrants to America (17th and 18th century), chances are they were Scots-Irish or Ulster Scots.   After the Nine Years' War (1594-1603) which culminated in the Flight of the Earls, the government embarked on a plan to to parcel out the confiscated lands to English and Scottish undertakers.  …

Irish Genealogy: What's on Your Reading List?

   I'm a big fan of historical novels and even with redesigning my website and writing new lectures for FGS, I did get in a lot of reading.  I'm currently reading Fall of Giants by Ken Follett which follows five families (Russian, German, English, Welsh and American) leading up to, and during World War I.  …

Irish Genealogy: Follow-up

   Last week I wrote about Emigration from Ireland to Argentina, and the end of June I wrote about Putting Your Family Online.  I frequently joke about the lack of progress on my own family as I spend the majority of my time doing client research..the majority of my research pre-dates 2002.

Irish Genealogy: Emigration to Argentina

"Pat" Moughty Land Barnacor

   As mentioned last week, the Moughty name is a rather unusual name and I was surprised to learn early on that one of the concentrations of the name was in Argentina.  According to Wikipedia, Argentina has the fifth largest Irish community in the world.  …

Irish Genealogy: Naming Patterns

james moughty grave moyvore

    When my daughter began researching the Moughty family, we quickly confirmed what we expected...that it was an unusual surname.  Of the five names in the Social Security Death Index, we knew three, one being my father-in-law, Bernard Moughty who died in 1980.  …

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