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Irish Quick Reference Guide #3 is Here!


   Looking for a last minute stocking stuffer or maybe a gift for yourself?  Guide #3 in the Irish Quick Reference Guide series, Land, Tax and Estate Records in Ireland is here.  

  Had the Irish census records for the 19th century survived, Griffith’s Valuation, a tax list, would not be one of the most important resources for Irish researchers. …

2017 in Review - Part 2


   During the second half of 2017 I tried to look at records that might not be as familiar to Irish researchers.  

   Prior to 1858 Wills and Administrations were handled by the ecclesiastical courts.  …

2017 in Review

Year In Review

   We are coming to the end of the year and I though a review might be in order.  I’ve had a lot of new followers over the past few months, and they may not have gone back to check out the earlier blogs.  …

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