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Are You Ready to Research In Ireland?

Sarah on our first trip to Ireland

     I’ve spent this year taking you through a strategy for researching your Irish ancestors which I hope has been helpful to you.  So are you ready to continue your research by visiting Ireland?  A trip to  Ireland is a wonderful experience whether you’re researching or just taking in the beautiful country.  For those considering a research trip, it's important to do your homework.  I've mentioned my first trip to Ireland a number of times in various blogs, and although I can't say I accomplished a great deal of research, it was a wonderful experience.  It made me want to return (more prepared) to continue.  I returned from that trip with mostly photographs of my daughter (above) standing next to signs of where we thought we had ancestors!  In my situation, all four of my husband's grandparents and two of mine were late 19th or early 20th century immigrants, so I was able to visit the General Register Office (which has moved three times since I started researching) to obtain birth, death and marriage certificates. Today, most of those records, including images are online.  I had the county names of where everyone had come from (although some of the specifics on the localities turned out to wrong). Records left by your ancestor may name the closest large town or city, rather than their townland.   

   If you know at least the county where your ancestors lived, and hopefully don’t have a very common surname, start with what records are available for the county.  John Grenham’s book Tracing Your Irish Ancestors,  provides a chronological list of surviving records by county.  You can also check out his website.  Also check out the books published by Flyleaf Press (Tracing Your ______ Ancestors) to see if they have published a book on your county. 

   Researching with a group on your first trip can be a great way to become familiar with the resources.  If Ireland is on your bucket list, check out the 2018 Dublin Research Trip scheduled for next October. I’ve just signed the contracts for the Belfast trip with The Titanic Hotel, which is scheduled to open next month.  Just a few blocks from the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, and across the street from the Titanic Museum, this hotel is in the former headquarters of Harland & Wolff, the builder of the Titanic. 

   The Dublin trip will again stay at Buswell’s Hotel, just across the street from the National Library, and within walking distance of most of the repositories we’ll be visiting.    

   If you’re going to Ireland on your own, and want to visit some of the repositories while you’re there, consider setting up a consultation.  I can provide you with some pointers on where to go while you’re there.  

Last year I wrote blogs on visiting Ireland…one for Dublin and one for outside of Dublin. There have been some changes considering new online records, but the blogs should still be helpful.  Another place to get additional information is by checking out my October blogs for the past five years.  (Scroll down in the Sidebar to the Archives and select the month of October.)  For each trip there is a daily blog discussing the repository or locality.

   Whether you go with a group, or on your own, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Ireland.  

   Happy Hunting!

Is your Society looking for a speaker?  I’m available for local meetings either onsite or as a Webinar.  In addition to Irish research, I also speak on other topics including methodology, the Internet and technology as well as miscellaneous topics.  Check out my lectures here.  I can also do multiple lectures (up to four in a day) for your annual seminar.  For additional information you can email me.

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