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Autosomal DNA

   I am excited now!  I just spent the last two weekends at the Virtual institute of Genealogical Research class (Finally!) Understanding Autosomal DNA.  And, I think I do, or at least a lot more than I understood it before.  Oh, the possibilities.  Blaine T. Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D. taught the class, and I can’t recommend it too highly. (Within the next few weeks you should be able to purchase this from the VIGR website.)  For the past few years, I sat in on DNA classes at various conferences wondering if it was really for me.  What would it tell me? 

   Back in 2010 I tested with 23andMe for health results and along with it got the autosomal results for my genealogy.  Since then, I have received numerous requests to “share” my results, but in all but a few cases I couldn’t see the benefit.  Most matches identified as a 1st or 2nd cousin, I already knew.  In most cases, however, the results of the other matches were so distant that even if they had names and localities there was nothing I could match up to my tree. 

    Last fall after my Dublin Research Trip I visited the Moughtys in County Longford and did a Y-DNA test on Jack Moughty.  When I returned to the states, I had my husband take the test as well, hoping that I could determine how many generations there were back to their common ancestor.  I received Jack’s results in January, but they lost my husband’s test, then found it and said I would get the results in March.  They’ve now pushed the date back to the end of May which is incredibly frustrating!  Because both my husband and Jack are in the surname line I used the more expensive Y-DNA test, but now realize that the Autosomal test will provide additional information.  I think now that I probably should have started with the autosomal test…I still don’t understand the results of the Y-DNA.   The good thing about testing with FamilyTree DNA is that I can upgrade to the Autosomal test without taking another sample and I’ve now done that.

   So now I’m working on a plan to contact cousins about taking the test.  I written a number of times about the benefits of posting your tree online…trolling for cousins as I refer to it.  Perhaps this is another way to find the cousin that got the good stuff…the Family Bible or the information passed down in the family on the Irish origins.  You never can tell!

   Happy Hunting!

Please contact me if you are interested in researching in

Ireland this fall.  There is still room on the Dublin trip.  

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