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Back in Dublin


GRO at the Irish Life Center

   I spent yesterday in Tampa (rain delayed flight) and New York (fog delayed flight) on my way back to Dublin for our 2012 Research Trip.  The rest of the group is getting in on Saturday and Sunday.  I managed to get four hours of sleep on the flight, so I was in pretty good shape to get some work done today.  Eileen O'Duill picked me up at the airport…a wonderful surprise and we had some time to chat over breakfast.  Although the temperature was only in the 50s the sun was shinning.  I was also lucky enough to get into my room at Buswell's when I arrived so all in all, a good day.  

    In my last blog, I praised the GRO for a small step forward…eight certificates a day instead of five.   Not so fast!  I walked over to the GRO this afternoon with my eight requests and was informed the maximum number of certificates was five.  But I thought the number had increased???  I was informed that only people paying the daily search fee of €20 could obtain eight certificates.  If you've been diligent and gotten all of your references from FamilySearch, you can still only have five!  

   I left the GRO and headed for the National Library but about 4:30 I hit the proverbial brick wall.  Hopefully with a good night's sleep I'll be ready to go in the morning.  

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