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Blog on the Registry of Deeds


   As metioned in my Blog intro, I'm not writing as regularly during the summer because of a number of projects.  I will, however, be passing along tidbits I find as I'm working. 

   This is a great blog written by Sharon Oddie Brown about the Registry of Deeds in Dublin.  She talks about the kinds of records that can be found there, even for our non-landowning ancestors.  In addition, she gives a wonderful plug for the volunteer indexing project for the Registry of Deeds.  Without the transcriptions some of the names might not be captured in the main index, so thank you Sharon for this great work.   There are lots of places to volunteer to index, from your local genealogy society to FamilySearch (I worked on the Irish Civil Registration Indexes because I wanted them available <g>) to the Registry of Deeds.   It's a way we can, in a small way, give back to those who have allowed us to have access to so many records online.  Remember, that digitizing the records is only the first step…someone has to do the transcription if we are to be able to search the records online.

   I had two opportunities to work at the Registry of Deeds last summer and fall and our Dublin Research Tour individuals will also have a chance to work there, with expert Irish genealogist, Paul Gorry in October.  There's still time to sign up!

   Happy Hunting.   

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