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Day 15 - Glendalough and Dublin

Church of St. Kevin

Church of St. Kevin

    An early start this morning in order to get to Glendalough for an 11 a.m. tour.  The sun was out when we left the hotel, but rain soon followed.  The morning went back and forth between sun and rain.  I was hoping for a nice day since my last visit to Glendalough was in the pouring rain!

    Glendalough, which means the valley of the two lakes, is famous for the monastery  begun by St. Kevin in the 6th century.  Most of the surviving buildings, including it's famous round tower however, date to the 11th and 12th century.  We had a tour of the ruins and our group actually got to sing in the Church of St. Kevin, a stone roofed building that still stands.   After the tour, we walked the 1.4 km to the lakes through periods of rain and sun.  I got a much better view of the mountains surrounding the lakes this time.  

   We left Glendalough and headed for Dublin, arriving about 4 p.m.  We were scheduled for an early dinner (5:00) and then walked to Temple Bar to visit some pubs and enjoy Irish music.   In all, a good day.  Tomorrow is a tour of Dublin, with an early dinner and concert in the evening

Ducky Does Dublin

Ducky looks in the wrong direction

Ducky looks in the wrong direction…almost gets taken 
out by a bus!

Ducky gets the Ginness

Ducky finally gets his Guinness

Too much Guinness for Ducky

A bit too much!

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