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Day 18 - Visit to Longford

Breda, JJ, Donna and Jack Moughty

   Today I’m on my own.  I had an early breakfast and headed to Connolly Station for the 9 am train to Mullingar to visit our Moughty cousins.  The trip is just a little over an hour and JJ Moughty picked me up at the station and took me to their home in Ballymahon, Longford to visit with his parents, Jack and Breda.  I’ve written in the past on how we met Jack, Breda and JJ back in the early 1990 when JJ was about four years old.  He is now living in Galway, having received his Master’s Degree from Trinity College. 

   I don’t get to see them every year, but it’s always a treat.  I had planned to take them out to lunch, but Breda insisted on cooking and we had a wonderful meal of roast lamb, roast potatoes and veg.  Brought back memories of Sunday dinner with my grandmother!

   I had another reason for my visit.  I have traced Jack’s ancestry back to his great grandfather Michael, born about 1816.  I’ve also traced my husband, Brian’s ancestry back to his great grandfather Bernard born about 1814, but the records don’t exist to take me back another generation.  I have two other Moughty families back to the same general time frame, a Thomas and a Bryan.  Could these individuals be brothers or are they cousins?  So I arrived with a Y-37 DNA kit which Jack had agreed to take (purchased at Back To Our Past).   Once I arrived home, (with a second kit) my husband Brian was tested and off went the kits to FamilyTree DNA.  It will be about six weeks before I get the results…keeping my fingers crossed.  

   Tomorrow I head back to the US.  I have a 10:45 flight connecting in NY.  Long day, but now I’m anxious to get home. 

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