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Day 20 - Edinburgh

Key Chorale performing at St. Giles

    Today was our final performance and last day of the Key Chorale tour.  Our concert was a noon concert at  St. Giles Cathedral in the center of Edinburgh.  Yesterday's concert at Carnegie Hall was great, but this one was outstanding.  Singing in a vaulted cathedral with the reverberation is amazing.  You can hear the sound for four or five seconds after you stop singing!  After the concert we had lunch and then met back at the Cathedral and walked up to Edinburgh Castle.   

    The Castle is built on the top of a volcanic hill and is visibile from much of Edinbugh.  The Scottish crown jewels, which we were informed by our guide, are the oldest, are on display as well as quite a bit of military arms. 

     Our final dinner was at a restaurant downtown, and the appetizer was haggis.  I guess we couldn't get out of Scotland without being served this.  Can't say that I ate it.  We got back to the hotel early, which was great since we have a 7 a.m. flight in the morning with a taxi picking us up at 5:15.

Ducky's Big Day

Ducky with Maestro Joe

The King announces that Ducky is to be knighted

Behold, Sir Ducky

Sir Ducky checks out the armour at Edinburgh Castle

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