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Day 21 - Back to Northern Ireland

Rock Formation at the Giant's Causeway

    Our flight back to Belfast was scheduled for 7 a.m. which required a 5:15 taxi to the airport (4 a.m. wake up).  The rest of the Chorale wasn't far behind us as they were leaving from Glasgow and the bus was scheduled at 6:15.   Unfor-tunately, when we got to the airport we discovered our flight was running two hours late.   As I was wondering through the terminal I heard someone call my name…it was Meagan's friend, Cara.  Small world!

   When we finally arrived in Belfast (City airport) we had to take the bus to Belfast (International) to pick up the car.  There wasn't a direct bus for a couple of hours, so we took one bus into the center of Belfast, and another out to the International Airport.  We picked up our car and headed for the Giant's Causeway (with my mantra - stay left, stay left).  Oh, did I forget to mention, it's raining…not much different from the rest of the trip.  

    At the Giant's Causeway the rain just about stopped and we walked one of the trails.  Depending on what story you want to believe, the Causeway was created by the giant Finn McCool, or by volcanic activity.  They just completed a new visitor's center with lots of multimedia explaining the formations.  You're given an audio tour to follow as you're walking the trail which pretty much sticks to the legends.  

     We left the Causeway and drove to Londonderry for the night.  Our hotel is inside the city walls with (very) narrow streets, but I managed to make it without incident!  We went out to walk around and to have dinner about 6, and it appears that they roll up the streets…everything closes at 6, including McDonalds.   We found a pub for a quick dinner and will call it an early night.

Ducky and Donna at the Giant's Causeway

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