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Day 23 - Final Day

Daly/Morley Cousins

     This morning we left Bundoran for the ten minute drive to Kinlough to visit the Rossinver Church.  The early records from this church were a casualty of the 1922 fire at Four Courts. The secretary of the parish met us and opened the church.  She had a vestry book from 1915, but no parish registers.  I recognized many of the names in the vestry books…a number of Johnstons, but no Mackeys.  My big hope was to find a gravestone, which was another disappointment.  Rebecca took us to the "old" Kinlough cemetery, and if my ancestors were buried there, there was no evidence.  I'm sure part of the problem is that the family left the area around 1932, so there was no one left to tend the graves.   We also visited the "new" Kinlough cemetery but the burials were too recent.

    Our second stop was in  Ballinamore at the Leitrim Genealogy Centre.  I was looking more for historical background on the area, but there was limited information on the northern part of the county.  It was suggested that we stop at the library where there was an index of newspaper references for the county going back into the early 1800s.  This was the County Library which has a local history section.  The index is on 5 x 8 cards in boxes across one wall of the library.  If you have Leitrim ancestors this would be a wonderful resource…my Mackeys (and alternate spellings) from northern Leitrim were not there.  

   Our final stop was at our hotel in Tuam, Galway where we met Brian's Daly and Morley cousins for a pint.   I had met them before, but this was Brian's introduction.  Turns out there must be a pop music gene that runs in the Daly family as Brian, Patrick and Sabina had a grand time discussing rock and roll.  Turns out that Sabina was at the Bruce Springsteen concert last night in Dublin.  

    Tomorrow morning we head to the airport for our flight back to New York.   We'll be spending the next five days in Portland, Maine with the family and back to Florida on July 26th.  

    I hope you've enjoyed the blog and learned something that will help you with your own research.  Remember, there are still a few spaces open for the October Dublin Research  Trip.  I hope you'll consider it.

    Happy Hunting!

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