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Day 3 - Dublin to Belfast

Grave of John and Sarah Moag

   This morning the weather was what I expect in Ireland…cool with misty rain.   The taxi driver on the way to the train station told me that September had been the driest on record and the weather had been beautiful all month.  It seems I brought the very wet weather from Florida with me to Ireland!  

   I overslept this morning (by a lot) and only managed to get to the GRO before I had to leave for the train.  The train is a very pleasant ride, just over two hours with free Internet access.  I checked into the Premier Inn in Titanic Quarter which is just across the street from PRONI.   

   I got settled in the hotel, and about 6 p.m., cousin Andrew Moag picked me up to drive out to Bangor.   On the way we stopped at a cemetery where his great grandfather John Moag, is buried.  His great grandfather and mine were brothers.  Once we got to his house he pulled out John’s family bible and I was able to take photos of the family record pages.  He had lots of family photos which he allowed me to borrow.  After, a great dinner in Bangor with he and his wife Megan, he dropped me back at the hotel.  We’ll hopefully get together again later in the week. 

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