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Day 7 - Odds & Ends

Look Left

    I'm going to begin with a note to my Key Chorale friends coming over the end of the week.  June was the wettest month on record in Ireland and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.  So don't forget your rain jacket and umbrella.  It doesn't rain all day, but usually on and off.  It's also cooler than usual, so plan to dress in layers.  There have been days when a short sleeve shirt has been fine, but it does get cool in the evenings so a sweater is needed.  A couple of other things to remember …look in the opposite direction before you cross the street…or even better, look down (see photo above); the ground floor is zero not one; if you can't turn your lights on in your hotel room, look for a key slot by the door and put your room key into it.  Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

    I'm getting to the end of my research time.  Today I started at the GRO to get my last few certificates, then off to the National Library.  I spent the rest of the morning using the newspaper database looking at newspapers that went back into the 1700s.  You can search all of the newspapers together, or just focus on those in your geographic area.  (I did figure out how to limit by dates.)  

     I had a lunch meeting with Helen Kelly who will be assisting on the 2012 Dublin Research Trip.  Helen is also the "Genealogy Butler" at the Shelbourne Hotel and a specialist in the emigration of the Irish to Argentina.   It turns out that she is originally from county Longford and knows Jack Moughty so I enjoyed discussing my research with her.  This was followed by a second meeting with my contact at Buswell's Hotel (where we'll be staying in October).  If you or anyone  you know wants to join us, there are still a few places left.  This is a great time to visit Ireland because of a favorable exchange rate on the Euro.  

    Back to the Library for a bit more research.  One of the new procedures at the library is a scheduled pull time for records.  If you miss the time, you may have to wait for two or more hours before the next pull.  In the past, the material came within 10 - 15 minutes so I'm not a fan of the new procedure.  I had noticed that there was a wireless network in the Library with a "Guest" option.  It took talking to a few different people,  but today I managed to get log in information.  It seems that they are "testing" this network…so hopefully it will be up and running when we're back in October.  (I forgot to mention it  yesterday, but PRONI has an open wireless network.)

   Tomorrow is my last day of research and my husband will be arriving late morning.  I'll leave a key at the desk so he can sleep for the day while I work.  

    Happy Hunting!

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