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Day 9 - Dublin to Cobh

St. Colman's Cathedral
Cobh, Cork

    Two sunny days in a row.  I think we hit the jackpot!  We headed to Dublin Airport to pick up our rental car this morning and drove to Cobh (Queenstown to most of our ancestors who emigrated from this port).  I had made the arrangements for our rental cars prior to leaving the U.S. and made sure that all of the insurance was included with the prepaid booking.  Ireland is one of the places where your U.S. insurance is not in force, nor will your credit cards cover it.  If you elect not to take the extended insurance the car rental company will put a block on your credit card for $1000.   I learned this a few years ago when I thought I had a great deal on the rental, only to find that I had to add the insurance when I got to Ireland and the insurance was more than the rental fee.   I had requested an economy, automatic…it's hard enough for me to concentrate on driving on the left from the right side of the car and the addition of shifting with my left hand is just too much <g>.  I talk to my self as I'm driving out of the airport (left, left, left) but once I get through the first couple of roundabouts and onto the highway I'm OK.   I do tend to hug the left side, and my husband repeatedly reminds me to move to the center of the lane.

    Anyway, we made it to Cobh with only a few wrong turns and in one piece.  Since we arrived in the late afternoon, our visit to the museums will be tomorrow.  

   My husband's two grandfathers emigrated from Queenstown.  Patrick Moughty departed on the 18th of October in 1907 on the Baltic and Michael Daly departed on the 28th of March 1909 on the Lucania.  My great grandmother Rachel Spooner also left from Queenstown with her  youngest child on 9 Nov 1905 to join her second husband (who had emigrated six months earlier with her brother) in Greenwich, Connecticut. Her other four children remained in Ireland living with their grandparents in Leitrim for four years.

    I'm looking forward to visiting the Cobh Heritage Center tomorrow.

    Happy Hunting!

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