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Days 11 and 12 - Shannon and Killarney

Thatched Cottage at Bunratty

Thatched Cottage at Bunratty Folk Park

    There is not much in the way of genealogy happening for the next 10 days and the blog will help keep family and friends up to date on highlights our travels.   Yesterday we met up with the Key Chorale, about 80 people, to begin a tour of Ireland and Scotland.   We were in good shape, having been here and adjusted to the time, whereas most of the Chorale had just arrived from the States.  We did an afternoon tour of Bunratty Castle and Folk Park on our way to our first stop in Killarney.   

    I described Bunratty to some of our friends as the "Plimouth Plantation" of Ireland.  Originally the seat of the Earls of Thomond and the O'Brien family, it is now a reconstruction of the homes and environment of Ireland in the 19th century.  Besides the castle, there are rural farm houses with thatched roofs, a village street, a school and gardens, all furnished as they would have been at that time.  Unfortunately the hour and a half we had wasn't anywhere near enough time to visit the entire park.  (We had been there before and enjoyed a Medieval Banquet in the castle.)  In addition to the requisite gift shop, I noticed a Heritage Centre which I made a point of visiting before we left.  This "Heritage Centre" consisted of the book of family names with the ability to purchase your family coat of arms…not exactly what I had in mind.<g>

    We arrived in Killarney about 6 p.m. and dinner was scheduled for 7:30.  By that time most of the group was ready to crash, but a few of us who had been here walked into town (about 30 minutes) for a visit to the Danny Man pub (recommended by one of the tour guide for it's Irish music) arriving back to the hotel about midnight.

    Not too much to say about Sunday as it consisted of an all day rehearsal for those of us singing.  

Ducky on Tour (it's a family thing)

Ducky on Tour
Ducky visits Bunratty
Ducky & the Tour Guilde

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