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Days 13 and 14

Kilkenny Castle

    Had a problem connecting to the Internet in Kilarney so this is a bit late.  Monday was a tour day and we spent the morning traveling part of the Ring of Kerry.  We didn't have enough time to do the entire trip, so we just drove a small part of it, visiting the town of Kenmare and coming back through McGillicudy's Reeks and the Gap of Dunloe.  Even with the weather (it rained most of the day) the scenery was amazing.   The roads are so narrow and full of curves, I can't imagine driving it in a car, let alone a bus!  

    Our first concert was Monday night at St. Mary's Church of Ireland in Kilarney.  The concert was well attended which was never know how many people will show up.      

   An early morning today as we had to have our luggage outside our room at 7:00, with an 8:45 departure.  We traveled across to Kilkenny with a short stop in the town of Adare.  Adare is one of the small heritage towns, so it's a pretty village set up for tourists, with the requisite shops.  It's also home of one of the top hotels in Irleand, Adare Manor.  

    We continued on, arriving in Kilkenny about 1:00.  We had a quick lunch and walked through through the town.  I visited here two years ago, so I took some friends to the Black Abbey, which dates  to the 13th century.  As a group, we got a tour of Kilkenny Castle, again, dating to the 13th century, the home of the Butler family (Earls of Ormonde) up until the 1930s.  In the 1960s they donated the castle to the town; it's been renovated and is a wonderful example of the 19th century lifestyle of the aristocracy.   We only had a hour for the tour before we had to catch the bus to our hotel…a beautiful five star resort and spa.  Unfortunatly we're only here to sleep as we had a 4:45 dinner and off to our second concert at St. Canice's Church of Ireland.  This was quite a bit larger than our  first venue and not as well attended (or maybe it was just that it was so big<g>).  

    Tomorrow we're off through the Wicklow mountains with a stop in Glendalough on our way to Dublin.  

Ducky's Travels

IMG 0373

Killarney National Park

IMG 0379

Ducky at the Smithwicks Brewery

IMG 0369

Wanting to hit the Guinness Brewery 

(that will have to wait until Dublin)

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