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Dublin Research

General Register Office

   Dublin is a great walking city!  All of the main repositories are within walking distance of Buswell’s Hotel (which is across the street from the National Library).   My first stop was at the General Register Office (GRO) on Werburgh Street.  It moved a few years ago, and although it’s not the pretttiest location, it’s convenient.  I’ve been keeping a running spreadsheet for birth, death and marriage certificates and had about 35 that I needed to pick up.  The maximum you are allowed is 8 per day, but they will mail the certificates.  If you have a situation where you are not sure which reference is yours, it makes sense to request the first option, check it and then order the second option, etc until you find the correct one.  I’m pretty confident on most of these so I dropped off my list with my address and provided a credit card number which they’ll charge when they mail them.  It should take about a week.  Stop number one - check.  Off to the National Archives.

   The National Archives is a short walk from the GRO, just behind St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the corner of Bride and Bishop Streets (as with many streets in Dublin, the name just changes so Bride is a continuation of Werburgh St).  My Reader’s Card expired in July, so first thing was a renewal.  I completed a one page form, and provided two forms of ID.  This is important…you must have two forms, a photo ID and one which has your address (which typically your passport doesn’t provide).  I used my passport and my driver’s license.  They’ll also take a utility bill with your address.  There’s no wiggle room on this. You can download the form from their website.  I was looking for a court case in the Chancery Courts, but unfortunately, the records I needed were destroyed in the fire.  I did however find a number of wills, which had to be ordered from Four Courts (another building) but it takes only one day.  I needed eight, and although they normally only allow six, they were nice enought to order all eight since I’m leaving on Wednesday.  I’ll go back first thing tomorrow.  Stop two - check.

   I ended my day at the National Library.  I was looking for Estate Papers for the King Harman estate in Longford, which the librarian at the Longford County Library said were at the National Library.  I should have check before I went…they’re at the National Archives, not the Library.  So I’ll check on those tomorrow as well.  I did do some newspaper research at the Library.  Stop three - check!

   I had dinner with Jennifer Zinck, a genetic genealogist from Connecticut…it’s amazing how many people you run into here in Dublin.  Even if you’re an experienced genealogist, it’s nice to have friends around to share your successes with over dinner.  

   Happy Hunting!

You can join friends in Dublin next October on my Research Trip.  Just complete the Registration Form to save your spot!

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