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Enhanced BMD - now missing!

   If you had a chance to get onto the enhanced index at immediately after the launch, and found some recent connection, congratulations!  After being online for a about two weeks, they disappeared with the message, “Civil Records Search temporarily unavailable.  Further update will be provided.”  And although no further update has been forthcoming, according to an article in The Guardian last Monday, the “data protection commissioner warned of potentially sensitive personal details” being online.  That sensitive information includes mother’s maiden name, which evidently is still being used as a security question for online banking.  He went on to indicate that he was “shocked” that contemporary information was online.  The information is still available if you visit the GRO in Dublin and pay for access to the indexes.

   It’s unclear at this time how long the indexes will be offline and what will be done before they are available again.  Will they redact the mother’s maiden name and birthdate (making them less useful) or will they determine a cut off date?  The article references 100 years being “historical."  We’ll have to wait and see.

   In the meantime, you can continue to use the FamilySearch Civil Registration Index (which covers from 1845 - 1958) or similar indexes on Ancestry or

   Happy Hunting!

There may be a lull in the blog over the next few weeks as I take some vacation - Yeah!  Even if I don’t blog, I’ll update my Facebook page and my twitter account (@DMoughty) as Irish information becomes available.

I’ll be in Massachusetts for the Celtic Connections Conference on August 15-16 doing a presentation on “Using Griffith’s Valuation to Identify Your Ancestors’ Origins.”  If you’re there, make sure to introduce yourself to me.  

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