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Family History Gift - Calendars


   It’s getting to be that time.  I don’t know about your area, but the holiday lights are already shining on the palm trees down here in Florida.  There’s still time, however, to put together a gift of family history (although Hanukkah might be a little tight since it falls on Thanksgiving this year).  Last year I completed my family calendar on December 14th…I had it all ready to go, but wanted to use a picture of my daughter’s ordination.  I had the picture taken that night, and at 11 pm  uploaded the calendar to Ancestry and it was delivered on Christmas Eve.  A little tight, but I made it.  Each year I tell myself I’ll start earlier, but alas, it usually is last minute.  I’ve used different themes each year.  One of the most successful was a family recipe calendar.  That calendar was a keeper, and my girls still refer to it for their favorite recipes.  

   Calendars are very easy to do, especially with all of the digital pictures floating around.  There are many companies that do them, but if you’ve got a family tree on Ancestry, you can do it right there.  In fact, the pictures might already be uploaded making it that much easier to complete.  Begin by clicking on the Publish tab at the top of the page, go to Calendars, select and pick a theme for your calendar.  I happen to like working with themes, as I’m not a particularly creative person, but you can also design the pages yourself.  

   I also have fun with the actual calendar pages.  You can place pictures or other graphics on the calendar dates.  I use pictures of family members on their birthdays and anniversaries.  One of my favorites was the year I used all baby pictures.  

   And here’s an incentive for you.  Ancestry is currently running a promotion for 20% off of purchases made before December 12th (I better bet mine in early this year).  

   Click below to get started and give the gift of family this year.

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