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Five-Minute Finds

5 minute find

   Do you have just five minutes?  If so, take a look at the Five Minute Finds.  This series of videos, which can be found at the Ancestry Learning Center (no subscription necessary) takes you through a short presentation on some aspect of your genealogy research.  In five minutes you can Improve your Searches for Vital Records, Create a MyCanvas Poster or learn whether you should Take That Hint.  These resources are not necessarily focused on Irish research, but these short five minute sessions will improve your overall genealogy research.

   But there are some Irish focused videos.  Let Juliana Smith help you in “Finding Irish Origins” or learn about “Emigrant Savings Bank Records.”

   Do you have an hour?  There’s also an hour long webinar by Kyle Betit on "Tracing Your Irish Ancestors Back to the Homeland.

   Take advantage of the resources on Ancestry or FamilySearch to help you become a better researcher.

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