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   GENUKI is an abbreviation for Genealogy UK and Ireland and is a free site that provides links to the counties in Ireland.  I repeat, as I so often do, the most important piece of information for success in researching in Ireland is locality!  The site provides hundreds of links to resources, but the downside is that some of the county sites have not been updated in many years and you may find broken links.  (If you do find a broken link, copy the title and search for it in quotes.  It may be that the website was updated or moved and you can still find the information.)

   What will you find on this site?  Much like the USGenWeb you might find anything!  You don’t know until you look.  As a volunteer based site, individuals have uploaded information…  in some cases just an outline of resources, or you might find a transcription of records such as a 1630 Muster Roll on the Donegal site.  Some of the counties have surname interest lists, so you may find a connection to a cousin who is searching the same family.  

   Even if you don’t find your ancestors’ names on this site, it provides locality information, frequently including a link to the County Library, a good resource for local history or the names of the local newspapers. 

   Happy Hunting! 

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