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Werburgh Street

      My first day back in Dublin was full of errands in order to get ready for the researchers joining me on Sunday.  I did get a chance to get over to the "new" GRO.  The word put out when the announcement was made of a move, indicated that the new location on Werburgh Street was a terrible location.  What I can say, is that it is not pretty, but the inside is spacious and other than that, it's the same GRO.  You still can only get 5 certificates a day!

   The new location is about a 10 - 15 minute walk from Buswells and the National Library, probably a bit shorter than the walk to the Irish Life Center.  You can cut through Grafton Street over to Dame Street and walk past Dublin Castle towards Christ Church Cathedral.  At the top of the hill turn left onto Werburgh Street and just past the church on the left is a driveway that takes you to the GRO.  

   I was not very lucky today in the game of GRO roulette.  Three certificates requested, only one was correct.  The lack of information in the indexes makes the entire process a game of chance.  The information from research in the U.S. indicated that the individual was born in April of 1894 and his death certificate gave his parents' names including his mother's maiden name.  There were over fifty individuals with this name, and without a locality, I went for the record that used both his given names in Q2 of 1894…it couldn't be that easy.  The names of the parents didn't match.  Compare this to my experience working at GRONI yesterday, where the mother's maiden name is included in the index.  Add to that the fact that even if I wanted to purchase all of the possibilities, I would have to make a visit to the GRO for 10 days (longer than my visit) for only this one record since they won't take my money for more than five certificates a day…even when they're not busy.  I had also checked both the IFHF and IrishGenealogy databases searching for the name with the mother's maiden name without success.

 This is the view looking back up Werburgh Street from the driveway.  The gate is in front of the Werburgh Church.

Inside of the General Register Office on Werburgh Street.

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