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Happy New Year - 2016

Alden Chart Final

   As always, I get so overloaded in December, that my blog takes a back seat.  Between choral commitments and traveling north for the holiday, I can’t seem to get everything done.  I looked back at my January 2015 blog to see if I had set up any New Year Resolutions and l didn’t!  I guess that means I got everything done. 😄

   It was an exciting and busy year, as my youngest daughter Kelly got married in July (twice!).  The religious ceremony was at the chapel of the Divinity School at Yale (where both she and her husband attended) and the second (legal) ceremony was in a courthouse in Hastings, Nebraska.  While they were dating I learned that Alex was a descendant of John Alden.  That was a big deal to me, as almost all of my ancestors were 20th century immigrants.  I have just one line that settled in Western Pennsylvania before that.  Every time I tried to find out more, I got shut down by my daughter.  But, at the wedding I was able to collect enough information from Alex’s mother to delve in.  The family wasn’t quite sure about the connection, but after a few wrong starts, I struck genealogical gold through the Copeland family.  That was a fun project.  

   I didn’t have enough people to put together my research trip in October, but  I spent two weeks in Ireland on my own, visiting both old and finding new cousins.  I’m hoping that there will be enough interest this year to take a group to Dublin.  I’m also willing to go to Belfast should there be enough interest.  Please email me or complete the registration form here. 

   My last blog of 2015 was on Strategies for Starting Your Irish Research and focused on finding the place of origin in Ireland.  For 2016 I’m going to update a series I wrote back in 2011 about Irish research as there are many new resources.  I hope this will help those of you starting your Irish journey, as well as provide additional information and resources for those who have been researching for years.  

   Happy Hunting in 2016!

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