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Happy New Year


   It's time once again for the New Year's Resolutions.  Last year I didn't make any because looking back over the previous years, I hadn't been very successful at completing them.  Last week's survey from the NEHGS newsletter asked for a response to the following:

     I accomplished all my genealogical goals for 2011.

     I achieved about 75% of my genealogical goals for 2011.

     I fulfilled about half of my genealogical goals for 2011.

     I completed about 25% of my genealogical goals for 2011.

     I didn't make any genealogical resolutions for 2011.

I'm thinking hard about whether I should make resolutions this year...will they keep me on track?  It's not like I didn't accomplish anything this past year.  I was fairly successful at writing my blog regularly...I only missed a few weeks.  I did do a complete makeover of my website this year, and I planned for a 2012 Research Trip to Dublin (hope you'll consider going).  But alas, I still didn't complete my certification portfolio, didn't work much on my own family, and didn't complete my Christmas project based on last year's Christmas Advent Calendar.  

   So what's a genealogist to do?  I'm headed off to Salt Lake City on the 25th of January (I'm still have some time for a couple of additional commissions if there is something you would like me), and I'm going to schedule time on my calendar for personal research.  Professional genealogists are like the shoemaker's children...we never seem to have time to work on our own families.  Some have said they put their personal research time on their calendars, just like client time, so I think I'll give that a try.  That also might work for my certification portfolio...I'll break it into small components and mark them out on the calendar.  You'll have to wait for next year to see if all this works.  

   Let me know about your genealogy New Year's Resolutions.  Perhaps you have some ideas to keep me and others reading this blog on track.  I'm also interested in knowing what topics you'd like me to write about next year.  I've spent 2011 focused on Irish research and although you'll continue to see blogs on that topic, I'l like to know what else you're interested in.  

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