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Irish Genealogy: Day 10 in Dublin

Entrance to the National Library on
Kildare Street

    Hard to believe I’ve been here ten days and I only have two more work days before I’m off to England.  I spent most of the day at the National Archives working with records of the Royal Irish Constabulary.  Jim Herlihy who I met on my first attendance at the Irish Genealogical Congress, has written some excellent reference books on search records of the RIC, the Dublin Metropolitan Police and the Garda.   His book, The Royal Irish Constabulary: A Complete Alphabetical List of Officers and Men, 1816-1922 (Dublin 1999) lists all members of the service with their service numbers, and then lists the years covered by the range of numbers.  I was looking for Thomas Walker, and as you can imagine, there were  quite a few of them.  I was easily able to narrow down those who were too old or too young.  He then lists the film numbers that correspond to the numbers making it fairly easy to find the correct person.  The register lists the individuals name, age, county of birth, if married, the county of birth of his wife, when he joined, where he served, any promotions or demotions, and when he left the service and the reason.  In some cases the reason will be “emigrated to U.S.”   I was surprised to see that Thomas joined in 1888 and resigned a year later because of ill health.  He rejoined in 1890 and remained until the RIC was disbanded in 1922.

    It was late when I arrived at the Library, but I wanted to find out how to go about identifying records from the Encumbered Estates of the 1850’s.  I was able to read a bit about the records, and identify the material that I needed to order.  It was too late to get it today, but that’s on the list for Monday.  

    I my friend Eileen ÓDuill at Buswells Hotel across from the Library and after a cup of tea, we went off to dinner.  I’m not sure where the time went, but we had a great time.  Tomorrow I’m a tourist!

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