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Irish Genealogy: Day 14 in Dublin

Cancelled Books at the Valuation Office

    Today was my last day in Ireland and I have a flight early tomorrow morning to London.  It wasn’t a great day.  I went to the GRO for some last minute certificates, and my luck ran out.  Two of the certificates I requested were for the wrong family...I did get two sisters by the names of Bridget and Ann, but the parents were wrong.  I’d max’d out my five for the day, so I was out of luck.  Great system!

    From there I headed across the courtyard to the Valuation Office.  I talked about the Valuation Revision Lists last week when I was using them at PRONI.  In Dublin, you go to the Valuation Office of the 1st Floor of the Irish Life Building.  You provide the names of the county and townland and they bring forth the books!  Lots of them. Since multiple books are bound together, you start with the back of the oldest book, and work forward checking each section for the changes.  Photocopies (color) can be made for €1.27 (strange number).

    I finished up at the Valuation Office and my plan was to go to the Registry of Deeds.  It’s a location I haven’t spent any time in, and it’s been on my list of places to go.  Unfortunately, as I came out of the Valuation Office it began to rain...wouldn’t you know, today I didn’t take a rain coat or umbrella with me.  By the time I got back to my apartment it was pouring and so I never made it to the Registry of Deeds.  Next year I’ll do that first!

    It’s been a good trip, even though in the time allotted, I didn’t get all the questions answered.  Hopefully my clients will be pleased with what I did find as well as my suggestions for further research.   They’ll be one more genealogy related blog for this trip...tomorrow I get to meet my cousin Wilma, living in Chippenham, England.  I have been looking for her family since I began my genealogy journey nearly 20 years ago.  Her mother and my great grandmother were sisters.  Last winter I got an email from a person in England who had come across my website.  She wrote to tell me that she knew Wilma and did I want to be put in touch with her.   My answer was a resounding yes!  We’ve been corresponding and she invited me to visit her...she lives about an hour outside of London.  For me, this is the highlight of my trip.  I rarely get to work on my own family, so I’m looking forward to this.

    Stay tuned for the final installment.  

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