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Irish Genealogy:  Day 2 in Dublin

General Register Office - Dublin
Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey Street

    My first stop today was the General Register Office.  When I checked my to do list, I already had references for four certificates, and since you can only get five per day, I decided to stop and pick them up.  I have found the reference information on the FamilySearch site for Irish civil registration so it was just a matter of filling out the forms and paying my money.  Now that the civil registration indexes are at FamilySearch, I don’t know why anyone would want to  pay to see the indexes, although the facility was quite crowded.   I zipped in and out in about 15 minutes (although I not sure any of them are the ones I need).  

    Then I headed across town to the National Library on Kildare Street.  My reader’s ticket from last year expired today, but I brought my two passport photos with me and have a new ticket that doesn’t expire for three years.

    I had a number of odds and ends to look up, then spent some time on the microfilm reader looking at parish registers.  In one case, the catalog showed the film covered from 1841 - 1874, however when I looked it was missing from July of 1841 - 1847...the years that I needed.  I had prepped for this work by looking up the names in the Irish Family History Foundation database, so I had the names and years of the records I needed, all between 1841 and 1846.  I double checked by looking through the entire section of film to see if they were filmed out of order, but they weren’t there.  The pages must exist somewhere since they’ve been indexed.  I guess I’ll have to pay the €5 each to see if they are the correct ones.  

    Tomorrow I plan to visit the National Archives to search some of the surviving Church of Ireland records.  Remember that the Church of Ireland was the state church so their records are at the National Archives...the Roman Catholic records are at the National Library.

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