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Irish Genealogy: Day 5 in Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral - Dublin
Church of Ireland

   It’s Sunday...a day of rest.  Well, not quite.  I attended church at Christ Church Cathedral this morning which I do whenever I’m in Dublin.  They have a choir that is outstanding and the acoustics of the building are amazing.  With it being summer, there were only seven choir members this morning, but they sounded like a full choir.  I was disappointed that they weren’t singing Evensong this afternoon, because I would have gone back.  If you’re not familiar with this church, it dates back almost 1000 years to the Viking times.  One the interesting features of the nave is the tomb of Strongbow.  The choir school was founded in 1493 and in 1742, along with the St.  Patrick’s choir, they took part in the first performance of Handel’s Messiah.

    After the service I worked for a while, then went out for a walk around Dublin.  I really love this city.  The temperature today was 21° (about 70° F.) with the wind whipping at a brisk 20 mph.  There were white caps on the Liffy outside my window!  It sure beats the heat and humidity of Florida. 

    Being the 4th of  July I decided to treat myself to a hamburger, fries and a root beer float at Eddie Rockets (figured with all the walking I did today I could splurge.)   Unfortunately, I was informed by my waitress (who spoke limited English) that they couldn’t make a root beer float because the root beer came in bottles.  Not sure why you couldn’t pour the bottle over some ice cream, but I didn’t argue.  I ended up with a vanilla milkshake.

    Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of  July...I did miss the fireworks.  Tomorrow I’m off on an early train to Belfast.

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