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Irish Genealogy: Day One in Dublin

Temple Bar - Dublin

    Even with the flight taking off an hour and a half late, we were on time arriving in Dublin at 10:30 this morning.  I cleared immigration, collected my luggage and took the AirLink Bus to Heuston Station (€6 instead of a cab for over €20).  The apartment I rented was just a short (10 minute walk) from the station.   I checked in, unpacked and set up my computer using the free WiFi available at the apartment.   I also had free WiFi on the bus from the airport which allowed me to let my family know that I had arrived.  

    I never plan much for my first day...I’m normally tired.  I did grab a few hours of sleep, then walked to the Temple Bar district to splurge on supper.  This area is full of restaurants, pubs and shops and I went to the Quay Restaurant (upstairs, not the pub) for a bowl of lamb stew.  I ate there a few time last year as well and remembered it to be quite good.   Since I have kitchen, I won’t be eating out as much this year which should reduce my expenses substantially.   I stopped at the store on my way back and picked up some essentials, tea, jam and brown bread.

It’s now after 9:30 p.m. and still light, but I’m off to catch up on my shut eye so Ill be ready for tomorrow.  I reviewed my to do list and have decided to start at the National Library.

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