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Irish Genealogy:  Off to Dublin

The Doors of Dublin

   Patience...that’s what’s needed whenever you travel these days.  My flight to Dublin was scheduled at 10:30 p.m. and it’s been delayed. I hear that it also overbooked (always make sure you get a seat assignment when you make  your reservation).  I guess I’m lucky since they just moved our flight to a different gate where the passengers to Istanbul have just been told their flight is cancelled.  Hopefully we’ll still get off.  

    When you’re preparing to travel on a genealogy trip, especially overseas, here are some hints.

    First - pack light.  Remember you’re going to be carrying your luggage.  If you’re staying in a B&B you’ll likely be carrying your bags up one or more flights of stairs.  Also pack comfortable clothes and shoes.  I have one checked bag and my rolling briefcase as a carry on.  

    That takes me to my second  point.  If you’re taking a computer, digitize as much information as possible...paper is heavy!  A four drawer file cabinet is not considered carry on luggage.  I have to say that Im traveling this year with both my laptop and my new iPad. I initially hoped that I would be able to make do with just the iPad, but alas, it’s not a computer.  I equipped my iPad with the same word processing software I use on my laptop and when I transferred my documents discovered it deleted all of my footnotes...that just won’t do.  I’ll be experimenting with it, so if you’re thinking of an iPad, stay tuned for the updates.  On thing I’ve already done is scanned the pages of my favorite research book (James Ryan’s Irish Records: Sources for Family and Local History) for the counties I’ll be researching this year and made them into PDFs that I can view on my iPad or computer.  I would love to see more of the research books available as PDFs for eBooks for the Kindle or iBooks.  

    This year, instead of a B&B or hotel, I rented an apartment.  It’s considerably less expensive and will be a good base of operation for me.  I can either walk to most of the repositories, or take the Luas (tram) that runs close by.  Once I settle in, I’ll be there for the two weeks.  I’ll be taking a side trip to Belfast by train next week for two or three days.  

    Hopefully I’ll be blogging most days, so check back in to follow this trip and to learn about the resources available in Dublin and Belfast.

    Happy Hunting!

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