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Irish Quick Reference Guide #3 is Here!


   Looking for a last minute stocking stuffer or maybe a gift for yourself?  Guide #3 in the Irish Quick Reference Guide series, Land, Tax and Estate Records in Ireland is here.  

  Had the Irish census records for the 19th century survived, Griffith’s Valuation, a tax list, would not be one of the most important resources for Irish researchers. Without any context, however, it can just seem like a list which includes lots of people of the same name. This Guide explains how and why Griffith’s was done, and how to squeeze from it the most information about your family.  Once you know your ancestor’s locality in Ireland (see Guide #1) Griffith’s Valuation can place them on a specific piece of land between 1846 and 1864.  Even if your ancestor left prior to Griffith’s, it is likely that family members remained in Ireland.  After Griffith’s Valuation, the Revision Books allow you to follow the land, in some cases to the 1970s possibly identifying cousins still living on the land.  

   Knowing where you ancestor lived, also opens the possibility of finding the estate records of his landlord.  These records might provide a copy of a lease or rent payment.

Quick reference guide #3 includes:

Explanation of the columns in Griffith’s Valuation

Rules under which Griffith’s Valuation was done.

Tips for using Griffith’s to find your family

Using the Revision Books to identify life events

The Tithe Applotment, an earlier tax list

Landed Estate Courts

Estate Records

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Land, Tax and Estate Records in Ireland

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