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Irish home

   I've written about in the past, but this past week, they relaunched the site.  As you can see from the image, the home page is quite different.  The content of the church records has not changed.  What has been added are a number of free databases, all of which are available on other websites.  The point was to provide a single access point to collections of Irish records.  

   First, remember that IrishGenealogy is a free website for Irish church records in Kerry, western Cork (Cork & Ross diocese), Carlow and Dublin City.  (For records for other areas of Ireland visit the Irish Family History Foundation pay-per-view site.)  Both sites currently provide only transcripts of records, not images of the originals.  

   What has been added to the IrishGenealogy site are free records from other repositories in Ireland and abroad, including:

     1901/1911 Census records (National Archives)

     Tithe Applotments (National Archives)

     Soldier’s Wills from World War I and South African Wars
          (National Archives)

     Griffith’s Valuations (AskAbout Ireland)

     Ireland - Australia Transportation database (PRONI)

     Military Archives (1913-1921) (Bureau of Military History)

     Ellis Island

     National Photographic Archive from the National Library
         of Ireland 

   A general search from the Home page will search all of these records at one time saving you the time of searching all of the databases individually.  My experience with the database so far, is that it is looking for an exact match, so you might want to check multiple spellings.  

   Happy Hunting!

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