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It’s DNA Day

   I’ve been off line for three weeks due to a knee replacement. I actually expected to be back much quicker, but the recuperation has been much slower than I expected.  My PT says I’m ahead of schedule (the surgery was 3 weeks ago today) but I sure don’t feel like it.  I still have trouble sitting in my office for any length of time.  Hopefully you’ll see me back online more in the near future.

   I don’t want to miss mentioning DNA Day.  I noticed that even The Chew picked it up for their theme today.  They were very enthusiastically sharing their ethnicity.  Too bad they don’t post a tree to see if we’re cousins!

   All of the DNA companies are running specials so don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on kits.  If you’re struggling with making sense of your matches, remember, that testing a known relative can help you put your matches on the proper side of your family.  Check out the example I wrote about last year.

   So here are all of the offers:

Expires 4/28

Expires 4/26

Expires 4/28

Expires 4/25

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