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It’s my 10th Blogiversary

   It’s hard to believe, but yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my blog.  I started my website and blog on July 30, 2007  using iWeb software from Apple.  Most Mondays since then I have written on some aspect of research, primarily related to the Irish, but with some general genealogy blogs when I felt they supported Irish research.   Somewhere around 2010, Apple discontinued iWeb and my search for a new platform that was as easy to use as iWeb took me to Sandvox.  I still use Sandvox today, although I’m looking at a few alternatives for the future.  

   When I did the first conversion, I had three years of blogs and it was a manual process to bring each one over to the new platform.  I didn’t bring them all over, since there were lots of changes and new information becoming available.  I will likely do the same on my next upgrade.  

   Are you planning a trip to Ireland?  Check out my blogs from previous research trips to Ireland.  I’ve been taking researchers to Ireland for the past five years and have blogged each day while there.  Just scroll down to the Archives in the right sidebar and look at the October blogs.  It will tell you something about the repositories in case you have some free time for research.  I won’t be going this October because of the foot surgery I had last week, but registration is open for the 2018 trip.  

   I began 2017 with a blog series for those dipping their toe into Irish research.  I hear so often from people who indicate that they think they have Irish ancestors, but all they’ve heard is “you can’t do Irish research since everything burned.”  I hope I’ve dispelled that rumor! Depending on the timeframe for your ancestor’s immigration, research can be difficult, but not impossible!  If you’re new to my blog and to Irish research go back to January of 2017 to follow the process. I look forward to continuing the year with additional resources for Irish research.  

   In celebration of my Blogiversary, I’m giving away a set of Quick Reference Guides on Irish research which I published earlier this year.  Complete the form below before August 13, 2017 for a chance to win.  Please feel free to share this with your genealogical society or friends who are interested in Irish research.  

   Thanks for following me and Happy Hunting!

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