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Let’s Make a Deal

   Did you miss out on the DNA Deals for DNA Day.  No problem.  There’s always something going on, especially around holidays.  You can order a couple of extra kits just to have them for your upcoming travel or summer family reunion.  I always have a few on my shelf just in case.

   For Mother’s Day,  23andMe is offering 20% off of either their Ancestry Kit (now $79.20) or their Health and Ancestry Kit $159.00.  This offer is good until May 13th and they even  offer gift wrapping!

   MyHeritage is also offering a Mother’s Day Special of $59 (plus shipping) on their DNA kit. This offer is good until May 14th.

    FamilyTreeDNA’s special offer is not only for the autosomal DNA test (called Family Finder) but also for the mtDNA (Full Sequence test).  Here’s a link to an article by CeCe Moore on on mtDNA.  Testing without any research question in mind may not provide you with any additional information.  My haplogroup is H1 (the most common) and I have about 350 matches, but only 1 with a genetic distance of 0. That still could mean 500 to 1000 years, and I don’t have anything back that far.  Remember that males also have the mtDNA of their mother, but they can’t pass it on.  If you’re trying to resolve a matrilineal problem, you may be able to use a male in the direct line.  If you’re looking for the Y-DNA test, probably wait until Father’s Day.  This deal ends on May 14th.

     Living DNA has a promotion on their atDNA test at $99 (down from $159).  There is no end date indicated, but mention “limited time discount.”  If you have UK/Irish ancestry this test gets more specific on localities.  Currently they do not have a matching service, but there is something coming later this summer. is not currently offering a DNA discount, but they are offering 30% off on a Gift Subscription for Mother’s Day.

   FindMyPast has a special deal until May 8th of 50% off a 1 month subscription for British and Irish Records.  This is a great opportunity to give FindMyPast a try if you don’t already have a subscription.

   Happy Deals!

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