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Magazines and Newsletters for Irish Research

   Magazines and newsletters are a great way to pick up information that can help with your Irish research.  Newsletters might come from societies you join such as the Irish Genealogical Research Society, Irish Genealogical Society International, or The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA).  Time for a plug…IGSI and TIARA are sponsoring the Celtic Connections Conference at Bentley University in Massachusetts on August 15-16.  It’s filling fast, but there are still a few spaces left.  I’ll be doing a two hour workshop on Griffith’s Valuation, but you’ll also get the opportunity to hear from Irish genealogists John Grenham, Brian Donovan and Eileen and Sean Ó Dúill as well as many other US genealogists.  An opportunity not to be missed!

   There are also magazines directed at Irish research.   Irish Roots provides news of interest to Irish researchers, as well as articles written by Irish genealogists and those specializing in Irish research from the US, Canada and Australia.   The June issue includes an article on "Tracing Your Galway Ancestors" by Dr. James Ryan and an article on "US Civil War Military Records and Our Irish Ancestors” by Judith Eccles Wight, AG.  As I’ve mentioned a number of times, I try to avoid paper, so my subscription is a digital one using a Nook reader, however the publisher is now offering a direct digital subscription for iOS through the App store.

  Another great digital publication is irish lives remembered which has the added benefit of being free.  You can read it online, or download it as a PDF and save it for reference.  The May/June issue highlights research in Carlow and includes an article by Fiona Fitzsimons (who did Michelle Obama’s family research among others) on the Carlow origins of the British Poet Laureate.  Why would you be interested in that?  Reading articles from magazines and journals highlights the methodology of others, which can help you in your research.  I read journals such as the NEHGS Register and the NGS Quarterly even though my ancestors didn’t show up in the US until the 20th century.  I read them to have a better understanding of methodology and also of writing style.  You can also check their archive for irish lives remembered  and download all of their back issues.  

    Happy Hunting!

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